Outback 12 V Nano Carbon Battery - 12Vdc @ 178Ah

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  • Outback 12 V Nano Carbon Battery - 12Vdc @ 178Ah

Advanced Nano-Carbon technology allows for extended life of batteries in self-consumption applications where batteries are likely to sit at partial state of charge for long periods of time. Nano-Carbon offers all the safety and convenience of a VRLA battery with improved cycling benefits for self-consumption applications where full battery recharges aren't always possible. Nano-Carbon improves charge efficiency, increases conductivity and adds additional capacitance to the battery. Overall this leads to improved deep discharge recovery ideal for systems where full recharges aren't possible on a daily basis.

Features & Attributes

  • Maintenance-free
  • 95% round trip efficiency
  • 2 year full replacement warranty in PSoC applications
  • Optimized for use with Outback's IBR, OBE, OBE-FT and IBE enclosures and racking solutions
  • For energy arbitrage / self-consumption applications