E-NEX Battery 12VDC @ 100AH - Marine Deep Cycle

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  • E-NEX  Battery 12VDC @ 100AH - Marine Deep Cycle

The 100 Ah E-NEX DC31MF Battery is designed for Caravan, RV and Marine use. A 12V 100Ah (Amp-Hour) battery, it can be used for portable power (camping, Marine, RV) or as part of a bank for larger power solutions.This battery has 2 Pairs of terminals, a threaded screw post for ease of attaching low amp loads in marine or RV applications, plus standard high current terminal posts for engine starting.

Made by Atlas (in South Korea), the E-NEX range are a combined starting and cycling battery which comes in useful, and we have fitted them in sets of up to 12 for heavy duty "house battery" style use in Marine conditions. They come with dual terminals & a "Magic Eye" indicator to indicate state of charge / fault conditions. sealed under normal conditions, they have a low pressure non-return valve to vent safely under fault or overcharging. They should be installed upright, and a reasonable level of ventilation is advised.