EGAUGE Egauge EG3000 ETH 064

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  • EGAUGE  Egauge EG3000 ETH 064

Measures electric AC power on up to 12 circuit. Building-demand/consumption. Renewable energy production and individual appliances, such as geothermal pumps, HVAC, refrigerator.
Supports wide range of current transformers (CTs) to accommodate virtually any size load. Built-in web server. Internet-enabled but can also operate autonomously without Internet connection.Windows, Mac, Linux, & smart-phone compatible. 


  • Universal PV and consumption monitoring on one device.
  • Connect up 12 attached CTs to a single unit, or link multiple eGauge dataloggers.
  • Graphic web portal shows solar and utility feed data.
  • Wired Ethernet connection to router.


  • Measures electric power on up to 12 conductors
  • Built-in web server
  • 16, 64 or 128 recordable register options
  • Multi-layered password protection and information hiding
  • Fully web configurable
  • CSV export & data API
  • Built solid state memory and data logger
  • URI data push available / open API
  • Internet enabled or stand-alone op0eration
  • Remote device support
  • BACnet/Ip compatible
  • Windows , Mac, Linux & smartphone compatible
  • For residential, commercial, municipal and industrial use


Measurement Capacity:

  • Voltage: Up to 480Vac, 3 Channels, 85-277(L1), 0-277V(L2, L3)
  • Current: 12 Channels, up to 4800A
  • Power: any voltage /current combination
  • Frequency: 50 o 60 Hz