EGAUGE Current Transformer CT 600A

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  • EGAUGE  Current Transformer CT 600A

EGAUGE AC Split-Core Current Sensor 600A JD-SCT-036-0600 Inner diameter 36mm/1.42in standard split-core CT with accuracy of 1% from 1%-100% of listed rating.

Size: 36mm/1.42"
Amperage: 600A

eGauge Split-Core Technical Specifications:
• 333 mVrms at rated output
• Accurate within 1% from 1% to 100% of rated amperage
• Operates 50Hz/60Hz
• Maximum primary insulation up to 600 Vrms
• 8' twisted pair lead with CT connector

eGauge Split-Core Features:
• Multiple current ratings
• Small-size, light-weight
• Simple Installation
• Overvoltage protection circuit
• Pin hindge at pivot point