TABUCHI Grid Tie Inverter TABUCHI 25Kw @ 480VAC

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  • TABUCHI  Grid Tie Inverter TABUCHI 25Kw @ 480VAC

Our three-phase, utility-scalable 25kW commercial inverters are the workhorses of Tabuchi America.

Featuring 6 MPPTs (maximum power point trackers) for flexible design and higher solar production. Our products are ground, rack or roof mountable. Monitoring and inverter control management are also available. 

M50 - Designed for Distributed Solar Features Include:

  • Remote setup and monitoring
  • Eliminates the need for combiner boxes – All PV module strings terminate at the Inverter
  • Fanless model provides passive cooling
  • Highly corrosion-resistant enclosure
  • Three-phase 480V AC Output – Separate installation of transformers reduces use of heavy cables
  • 97.3% (Maximum 97.8%) Efficiency – High efficiency is realized by SiC PowerSemiconductor - 3 Level Inverter
  • Individual MPPT DC Input Strings – 4.2kW input DC/DC Converter x 6 Strings