SW2524 SCHNEIDER Inverter/Charger 2.5Kw SW 24Vdc 120/240V

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  • SW2524 SCHNEIDER  Inverter/Charger 2.5Kw SW 24Vdc 120/240V

Why a Conext SW?

Offering a reliable power system for the residential market, small business or remote communities, the Conext SW is a pure sine wave battery inverter loaded with features that keeps your power on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Flexible design allows it to be configured for any battery based inverter application (off-grid, backup power and self-consumption for new or retrofit installations). • Increase self-consumption by prioritizing use of PV energy over grid energy, store surplus PV in batteries for later use during peak time-of-use periods. • Reduce demand charges by using Conext SW’s peak-load shaving feature to offset high cost peak demand energy. • Secure against an unreliable grid with a long term solar backup even in the most challenging environments. The Conext SW is battery agnostic, allowing a wide range of battery storage solutions. • Provide a total grid-independence for off-grid installations with PV power. Reduce the cost of fossil fuel usage generator, maintenance and repair. Enjoy the freedom to power the toughest loads with the high surge rating of the product. • Simple industrial design along with an installation bracket make it easy to install by a single installer, and a basic user interface avoids accidental settings change by end-user.

Technical specifications Conext SW inverter/charger

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