WEG VFD Variable Frequency Drive 3HP 47A 220Vac 1PH/3PH input / 3PH Output

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  • WEG VFD Variable Frequency Drive 3HP 28A 220Vac 1PH/3PH input / 3PH Output

Flexibility and Performance

cfw500-04.pngThe CFW500 has a modern design, and it can be selected according to the application requirements, providing flexibility with excellent performance. In the plug-in module version, the CFW500-IOS module comes with the VSD. In the version without plug-in module, the desired plug-in module may be selected (always one plug-in module per VSD). All plug-in modules have built-in RS485 Modbus-RTU.

The installation of the CFW500 is simple, and its configuration and operation is intuitive with the navigation menus of the operating interface (HMI) with built-in LCD display. Using the flash memory module, it is possible to download the existing setting from one CFW500 to other units without powering them up.


The CFW500 can be connected to the main fast industrial Fieldbus communication networks, with protocols used worldwide such as CANopen, Profibus-DP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, PROFINET IO and DeviceNet, according to the plug-in module selected. In addition, all plug-in modules come with serial interface RS485 Modbus-RTU built-in.


  • Password to protect the parameters J Special engineering units (RPM, ºC, Nm, mA, %, kW, kWh, among others)
  • Backup of all parameters (via WPS software, memory card or memory of the CFW500)
  • Possibility to save up to two different settings on the memory of the CFW500
  • Setting of the switching frequency according to the application requirements
  • Speed reference via electronic potentiometer
  • Multispeed with up to eight programmable speeds
  • Slip compensation
  • Manual or automatic torque boost (V/F scalar mode) or self-adjustment (VVW vector mode)
  • Acceleration/deceleration ramps
  • “S” type ramp
  • DC braking
  • Internal dynamic braking (frame size B and biggers)
  • PID controller to control processes in closed loop
  • Flying start / Ride-through
  • Sleep mode
  • Skip frequencies or frequency ranges function
  • Overload and overtemperature protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • DC link voltage supervision
  • Fault log


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